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Re: [ST] other topic: world cup

Yeah, US Football players have that 'Dangerous Activies' clause as well.
Apparently Ben R. was riding without his helmet against the 'advice' of the
team owner AND Terry Bradshaw.  Combine that with trying to fuse a 'Busa
with car, and the Pittsburgh Steelers may be without their Superbowl winning
Quarterback this year.  And they can fine him or withhold salary because of
the above clause.

I'm still trying to get used to the fact the Pennsylvania repealed the
helmet law. More importantly, they still won't sell beer in grocery stores
or on Sunday!


On 6/13/06, iPat <pmdavies@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> a lot of UK football players are banned from driving mc's due to
> the conditions stipulated in their over paid contracts. Includes other
> activities such as bungee jumping and hill trecking in the Taurus or
> Zagros
> mountain ranges ; )
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