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Re: [ST] test

>man you guys are rough...I just did a test because I
>was not able to send or receive mail from my yahoo

Let me teach you about how to send a test message:

	Subject:  I love this bike!

	This morning as I was riding to work, I found
	myself noticing how absolutely wonderful my ST
	is.  It just seems to flow effortlessly with
	whatever it is I want it to do.

See?  It doesn't *look* like a test message, but it's 
also not that burning technical question that you just
have to get out into the list before your bike explodes.


P.S.  If anyone is in the San Francisco bay area, MotoJava has
two Sprints that are either for sale right now or will be within
a few days.  One is a 1998 champagne Sprint Executive with
25K miles, and the other is a black 2002 RS.  Tell them Patti
sent you.
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