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[ST] for Matt - failure to communicate

 >>> I believe I'm too young for senility - so what's my excuse when I 
forget to zip up?<<<

    No excuse neccesary for forgetting to zip-up, it's the normal male 
instinct to keep his weaponry quickly accessible in case of need.  I 
spoke of 'forgetting to zip /down/' which is in fact the 2nd degree of 
senility (the first is not being able to introduce yourself to girls, 
due to your inability to remember your own name).  
   for BarryBunny - What a man!

 >>> interesting these days, when folk have several partners through 
their lives, and end up with huge shared families <<<

    At the risk of repeating myself,... what a man!  Two of my eight are 
not biologically mine but I can never remember which two, they've all 
been great fun.  The bad part is when they grow up and leave and you've 
no one left to play with,... that's a real drag.
for John - hangin' off & ST'n

 >>> But what bike was best sport tourer? Surely not that assbackwards 
Vtec VFR? <<<

    Depends on the magazine; Rider had the Sprint ST best and Cycle 
World (or the Editor's wife), with their huge budget, chose the K1200RT 
or some such behemoth.

 >>> It also does not interfere with hanging off and other such 
antics... <<<

    "Paul's (Smart) new technique of hangin'-off works great !... he 
still crashes as often but now he falls under it and doesn't scratch 
it!!"  -  'Nobby Clark (crew chief)

 for Emile - 100+ mph tricycle

 >> You mean if one skids the front wheel (tucking in?), a force with 
your knee (force against what?) can regain traction? <<

   Against the track,... the knee is supporting part of the weight of 
the bike to lift it back up.

 >>> The bike starts to tuck in a turn, and they save it with their knee 
on the ground. Freddy Spencer (2 or 3 time World Champ) has pointed this 
out during some AMA races. Once they even put it in slow motion. At full 
lean, the traction starts to give, the racer with his knee already on 
the ground I assume exerts to hold up the bike, traction is regained, 
and the racer continues on <<<

    This technique was unknown in World roadracing until the American 
flat-trackers got into the GPs.  It was a very common technique in dirt 
track to let the left foot - complete with skid shoe - take the weight 
of the bike when it got slid over so far that it grounded the crankcase 
and lifted the rear wheel.  One would usually lose a position or two but 
it beat eating hay bales.  I once saw Springsteen at San Jose with 
daylight under/both/ wheels, only his foot & the crankcase touching the 
track and he didn't crash

                          dowgydoodoo            - - - - o&\o

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