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Re: [ST] Seat

Got me going there steve

>From: Steve Lawler <slawler@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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>To: ST@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Subject: Re: [ST] Seat
>Date: Tue, 06 Jun 2006 08:17:01 -0400
>In a previous email, Phil Allen stated:
> > Anybody know what the threaded inserts on the (2002 UK) ST seat are for?
> > Anything to do with luggage?
>Here in the US all motor vehicles are required to have seat belts. This
>is another one of those asinine laws that are there to protect us from
>ourselves. While it is perfectly OK to drive and talk on your cell phone
>and put other people at risk cops are required to issue tickets to
>drivers that are not strapped in. They call this the "Click it or
>ticket" campaign. Several years ago, one state had a similar plan but
>rather than issue tickets they put up billboards with the slogan "Have
>you belted your kids today?"  Anyway, rather than make different seats
>for different markets, Triumph figured that, in the long run, it is
>cheaper to make all seats with attachment points for the seat beats.
>Actually they're for attaching the seat cowl.
>Steve Lawler
>Verona, NJ, USA
>2001 Sprint ST "Blue Devil"
>"Maturity is only a short break in adolescence."
>              -- Jules Feiffer
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