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Re: [ST] 06 ST: Ignition Screws

Thanks for the tip.  I'm going to check mine tonight!!

'05 Sprint ST (aka Wraith)

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Date: Wed, 31 May 2006 22:21:51 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Joshua D. Scott" <sprintst06@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: [ST] 06 ST: Ignition Screws
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Maybe this will help someone else down the line...

The two screws holding the ignition in place worked loose last month on 
2006 Sprint ST, especially the left one.  One night I came home and had
trouble getting the key to turn to the steering lock position.  
it works smoothly, but I wiggled it, got it locked, and thought nothing 

The next morning I rode to work and had the same trouble with the key,
only much worse this time.  I really had to fiddle with the key to get 
locked, and that's when I noticed the loose screws and ignition.

Unfortunately I was leaving on a 200 mile trip that afternoon, and I 
no tools, so in my best attempt to patch the problem I put some duct 
on the screws and assumed the tape would hold them if they worked
completely loose.

By the end of the day, the screws still held, but barely.  They worked
loose quick once they started!  I reached my destination, borrowed some
tools, and set to work tightening the screws.

Wouldn't you know it?  The head of the screws are NOT normal.  At 
not to me.  I couldn't figure out what I could use to tighten them and
finally settled on a 4mm six point socket.  It still wasn't the right
tool, but I could tighten the screws enough to ride a few hundred miles
before having to tighten them again.

Tonight I finally replaced the screws with something more standard, and
something I could fully tighten.  It was a bit of a pain finding a 
and finding a store with the right screws in stock, but a local Home 
saved the day.

Here's what I got, in case any of you end up with the same loose 
You never know, since I've also had to replace the infamous screw 
the lower part of the right fairing, which so many other people have 
as well.

Anyway, you can replace the wacky screws with:

cap screw
6mm x 20mm
plain steel

They tighten up nicely with a little thread lock and a 5mm Allen 
I had trouble getting my metric wrenches into the small space and was 
to do most of the tightening with a 3/16" Allen wrench, so that will do 
a pinch.

Sorry for the long winded story, but I wanted to share my frustration 
pass this info along in case anyone else has the same loose screws and
wants to replace them. :)

-- Joshua D. Scott
-- 2006 Sprint ST, Blue (ABS)
-- http://www.ozzy.net/jdscott/sprint/

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