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[ST] Antother New Guy With Questions

Hi Folks,

I had once been a member of this list a few years back.  I sold my Sprint
thus unsubscribing after getting tired of oil arguments, biker wave strings
etc.  This list was helpful in regards to problems and fixes related to the
new ST (then the 955).  

Well, I am dead set on buying a new ST an 06 (from Motoplex of Joliet, any
praises/warnings?) and am here to learn about new gripes, praises, fixes and
mods.  So far, I hear that the lower right side is too hot for summer
riding, the ABS is highly recommended (I was not sold on ABS myself until
reading the list archives), the Corbin Seat is a good mod, some people have
problems with clunky gear boxes, and other stuff I just can't think of right

Also are there any comments (thumbs up/down) on Motoplex of Joliet?

Another point of info is shipping.  Does anyone have any positive advice on
shipping?  I know I've heard plenty of horror stories.  Before you beat me
up about shipping a motorcycle, please read on.

I hope I am not starting any long arguments or unwanted strings on this
list.  I know how fussy us bike owners can be and such a variation of
opinions exist upon certain topics.  I am just looking for a few good
suggestions/watch out items on the 06 ST.


Just a FYI tidbit about me, I am currently writing to you from the Antarctic
South Pole.  The riding sucks down here.  I highly recommend heated vest and
grips :>)  I will be down here for another 2 months till November.  Till
then, I will have to ride vicariously through your stories and comments on
the list.  If you'd like to see some interesting pictures (non-bike related
and some just down right repulsive) and stories of life in Antarctica,
please visit my web page at www.gregsfronporch.com


Thanks much,


Greg "Diggity Dawg" Watson


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