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Re: [ST] Alternative to the big 'H'

>>> MarcVE@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 8/31/2006 3:11 AM >>>
Hi all,

My Trumpet went in today to replace a dead plug and reload the tune.

The dealer lent me a demo T100 Bonneville to get to work.

What a great cruiser, it effortlessly splits the traffic, is comfy,
sounds great, pulls nicely up to 130/140 km/h.

I got to work with a big grin on my face - its actually nicer to run to
work than my Daytona. That spare space in the garage is looking better
and better!

I, too, was given a T100 as a loaner while my bike was getting serviced...  I think I reported to the list that it would definitely have a place in my garage if there was enough room for another bike.  I even tried to talk my wife into riding it to try and get her wanting one.  Alas, she was afraid of dropping it and would not do so...



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