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Re: [ST] waterproof oversuits:was Euro Trip]

>From: Frederic.Nizery@xxxxxxxxxx
>The trick is that you have to forecast if it's worst putting it one 
>before departing, or otherwise you have to stop, and rather take you
>shoes off to to put it on. Fred ST 02 BRG

I usually check, on my mobile or at home, the weahther radar to inform
myself about what's coming. For Holland I use this one:
www.buienradar.nl (loop of 1 hour default) . For live radar covering
western Europe this is nice: www.meteox.com (loop of 3 hours default).
Looks like there's a front with rain arriving in an hour :-(.

The rain overalls I know incl the one I have usually don't require
you to take your boots of though. The trouser end is wide enough to
step right in.


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