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Re: [ST] waterproof oversuits:was Euro Trip]

i had the chevron one piece suit that Triumph made but unless you used
it regularly it was a nightmare. Last winter, i started using it daily
and kept my lightweight gear underneath. Not only was i warmer but the
suit was easy on and off 4 x daily. the layers kept me warmer yet i
wasnt 'heavy' that my winter jacket felt like. Plenty of pockets, easy
to pee!! lol

On 8/31/06, Frederic.Nizery@xxxxxxxxxx <Frederic.Nizery@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I always used a waterproof over pants under rain.
> The first one was coated outside and leaked after a few years. The
> second is coated
> inside and never leaked so far. I bought the larger size available not
> to have the bottom rising when getting on the bike.
> I have it for many years.
Pat Davies
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