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[ST] Alternative to the big 'H'

Hi all,

My Trumpet went in today to replace a dead plug and reload the tune.

The dealer lent me a demo T100 Bonneville to get to work.

What a great cruiser, it effortlessly splits the traffic, is comfy,
sounds great, pulls nicely up to 130/140 km/h.

I got to work with a big grin on my face - its actually nicer to run to
work than my Daytona. That spare space in the garage is looking better
and better!

On a different note: can you believe that the Wa%$ers who refine our
fuel for the area I live, have changed what is used as an octane booster
for the only unleaded fuel available.

This apparently happened a few months ago. Now the bike dealers are
having to replace plugs  all over the place -some plugs are failing at
under 1000kms. The additive is causing a carbon build up on the plugs.

The refinery has a team working on the problem, my plugs are probably on
their way there as we speak.

I'm not happy.......


Cape Town, RSA
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