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Re: [ST] Euro Trip

>From: Dan Wetherington
>Good to know, Emile.  Any model name on the gloves?  As I was riding
>home from work in the rain last night, I kept telling myself that I need
>better all-weather gloves.  I can't stand the "liner" feel that my
>current gore-tex gloves have, as it bunches in the fingertips and makes
>the gloves a bitch to put on.  I'll have to try to find these Held
>gloves and check them out. Dan www.packereng.com

Exactly my problem, especially with wet hands it almost impossible
to put the gloves on. I ordered mine at www.louis.de , in the search
box (Produktsuche) in the right upper area paste this:
You can also see them here, bottom of page:

It's the model Held 2640 with Gore-Tex X-Trafit (Raindrop). Below the
Glove you see "3D" to check it out in 3D. Here it is on the Held site:
The wiper (I have the previous model without the X-Trafit) is really
very effective.

They also have a racing glove now with the same Gore tex X-Trafit:
I haven't seen that in the Louis shop though.

I'm not sure the X-trafit is the same as the Gore Tex XCR. Here's
more on the technology, in German though:


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