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Re: [ST] Euro Trip

>From: BrettWilson21@xxxxxxx
>So my question to those that have tried HG, and other brands is how does it 
>last after a few miles? Is it still waterproof after a year or two of use?
>Has anyone had experience with waterproof oversuits?

All Gore Tex stuff has to be washed pretty regularly if you are a
constant all weather rider like me and especially if you ride in
salty, shitty winters. Otherwise even the most expensive Rukka jacket
will eventually leak. If washed properly and then sprayed with water
repelling spray it should last very long. In Aussieland I would suspect
it doesn't get very dirty quickly because of rain?

My current Rukka suit stays dry (I take care maintaining it properly
now, my last jacket wasn't washed often enough and got dirty enough
in winter to allow leaks, Rukka importer did give me a new jacket under
warranty though), except that my neck is so long that the rain just
runs in when riding thru downpoor-days along the extra collar. Next
time I will try putting the collar on top of the jacket, which is
similar like the zip on collars of HG and IXS. The problem is more
that my neck is too slim and too long, plus my upper body is tall
enough to be exposed completely to the rain.

My favorite clothing combination though, especially in summer, is
my black leather combi (revit pants and I just got a great deal on
a nice Vanucci jacket I bought in Germany) plus a simple HG rain
overall. Pretty much any rain overall will work better than even
the best Gore tex suit. In my gore / sympa tex experience the water
is usually soacked up by the outer liner, becoming very heavy, very
cold and eventually very damp (pockets especially). The suit has to
be hung for days before it's all out again. But a cheapo rain overall
is ready for action anytime, it keeps stuff under the overall really
dry, water just runs off, it doesn't get heavy, etc. The only thing
I have to think of is to put it on in time :-(.

Just ordered a pair of Held Gore Tex gloves with the new X-Trafit
technology. That's where the liner and the gore tex are all one with
the glove. So it feels like a racing glove with no liner, light, thin
and extremely easy to put on (you don't pull out any loose hanging liner),
while it in fact has gore tex plus max feeling :-). Combine it with
heated grips and you got the perfect year-round gloves :-). They came
out best in a '06 Motorrad comparison, with far distance from the rest.
Me like technology :-), but for suits I prefer a rain overall.


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