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Re: [ST] Euro Trip

On 29 Aug 2006, at 16:36, Todd J wrote:

> Interesting you mention the HG jackets as I am in the market for a  
> new Gore-tex jacket and my wife even said I should look while we  
> are in Yurp (she is the greatest!!) I figure between the Rukka, HG  
> and Held I should have some interesting options.

I don't know much about Held, but did look very longingly at the  
Rukka stuff - tried some on at last year's UK Bike Show at NEC, comfy  
and so on.  But incredibly expensive, and styled in the lots of  
pockets zips and liners fashion (some of the Rukka stuff even has a  
novel inflatable liner for those really cold days...).  But did do  
some research, and the stuff is about 20% cheaper in Germany than UK  
- still too much for me, but worth a look if your wallet stretches  
that way.


Gavin Lawrie
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