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Re: [ST] What's Wrong?

Here's the thing: I actually like the sound they make and the cruiser

I hate the handling aspect, and the twits (around here anyway) who you
usually see posing on them. What's with that scarf thing and the tassels

Most of all I hate the disrespect other bikers have for riders of the
big 'H'. 

It's a pity, because they are not all posers -some are even classy
enough to own Triumphs and be on this list (exception proves the rule?)

If I had the budget, one of the four or five bikes (six?)I would own
would be a cruiser - probably the RocketIII - but the Vrod in black is a
nice looking thing to potter down to the local for an Ale or two or
three..... .

Lets be honest, anyone on two wheels is on our side!


Cape Town, RSA - 955 Daytona 
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