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Re: [ST] Bridgestone Battlax 015

I really don't know how the bike would handle with the 180/55, It had a
190 Bt010 on as OEM.

It doesn't feel slow to me, and I'm riding it on the stock setup. It is
certainly no slower than the CBR1000 I rode, but a bit slower to turn in
than the 675.

What it does do really well is stay planted across the bumps, where my
RS used to get unsettled. 

I'm still very impressed with the handling of the Daytona, its capable
of much more than I can put it through, without it ever scaring the
pants off me.

I would love an ST1050 with the suspension of my Daytona.



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 Does the bike steer a bit slower given its a slightly wider tyre?
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