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[ST] Bridgestone Battlax 015

Hi all,
I'm resisting resisting rising to the bait: no Harley bashing today! No
On a much more boring note: I got my wheel off on Saturday, and had a
new tire fitted. (mega easy job, and I got a chance to clean lots of
gunk out).
The fitment centre talked me into fitting a 190/50 BT015. They talked a
hole in my head and convinced me I had to have this latest, greatest
replacement for the BT010.
I had a 190/50 BT010 on before that lasted 6800kms (4250 miles).
I had it fitted, but now I'm wondering what I actually bought! 
All I know about the tyre is that it is OEM for the CBR1000RR, and
according to the guys who sold it to me its a great track day & road
It looks pretty cool (dumb reason to buy a tire, but I never said I was
too bright)
Anyone tried them?
Cape Town, RSA : Daytona955
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