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Re: [ST] st Digest, Vol 17, Issue 41

Hey Rik:

  Why not lose the "attitude" and accept that since this list is known as 
the ST Digest, most of the folks here are primarily oriented towards riding 
a particular type of motorcycle?  Plenty of us are multiple bike owners and 
recognize the pleasure in owning different bikes for different applications. 
I've ridden a number of HD products from Sportsters to Fat Boys and V Rods, 
and didn't care generally for the vibration, poor suspension, weak brakes 
and ground clearance, and the cost of membership to the "exclusive" club.  I 
like the look of a lot of the cruisers but I'd be much more inclined to buy 
a Star or perhaps a basic Victory well before I'd consider an overpriced HD. 
There are a lot of HD owners I know who are great people and skilled riders, 
but they're overshadowed by the clowns who think bike ownership is just 
another costume they don on Saturdays with a black T shirt and your very 
same  "Fuck You" attitude...I've found the ST to be a great all around bike, 
and I don't begrudge HD owners....they look just fine in my mirrors....

Denis Liakos
'06 Sunset Red ST
Should have kept the Speed Triple too.....now that's attitude, dude.... 

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