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Re: [ST] What's Wrong?

Rik Relph wrote:

"OK, have you ever ridden a Harley?
If you haven't, then shut the fuck up.
Until you have you just don't know.
I have ridden triumphs since the late 70's, along with a load of other
English bikes.
I have only ever owned one japper.
I don't have a car.
I ride 45k miles a year, about 20 on my Sprint, the rest on the Harley,
yes the Harley is the more fun to ride.
The Sprint is a whole lot faster, but has nothing in attitude compared
the Harley.

Once you have cleared your minds of crap and bullshit take a ride on a
Harley, if you don't enjoy it class yourself as a motorcyclist, don't
one and shut the fuck up, if you do enjoy it you can class yourself as a
biker and when you can buy yourself one.

That is all I have to say.
I wait for the winging shit eaters to flame me BIG time.


Cambridge, ENGLAND

'02 ST"

To which I reply:
I too have ridden many Hogs, old and new. The current fuel injected Road
King is actually not a bad bike. I would even consider purchasing one at
$9000 to $10000 new with a warranty.  There isn't anything but really
clever marketing that makes that bike worth the $17k to $22k that people
stand in line to pay. I've ridden the Wide Glide and thought it was too
heavy, under powered, uncomfortable, nearly uncontrollable at anything
higher than a jogging pace, and just plain ugly. I have no use for
"attitude". If you buy into the "biker" marketing gimmick, then go ahead
and throw good money after bad shopping under the big HD sign. Part of
the fun of riding a non hog is baiting "bikers" into reactions like

06 ST

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