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Re: [ST] Diesel

On Thu, 24 Aug 2006, Matthew Heyer wrote:

> I saw a MythBusters where they did just that (ran a 15 year-old diesel Mercedes on grease from a local cooking place).  It ran just fine!!  No overheating, no smoking, no noticeable degredation in performance - it worked quite well, and even they were surprised.
> Matt Heyer

Then they just didn't know their history. The original diesel engine was 
designed to run on coal dust. After that it was designed to run on peanut 
oil. While the engine in the Mercedes was surely _much_ more modern, 
particularly if it had FI, the technology is the same. Provided the fuel 
was clean enough (and you are supposed to filter it pretty well) then 
there should be no problems.

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