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[ST] Diesel

I just thought I'd chip in, to let you guys know I'm still alive!
  There was a sinbgle-cylinder diesel bike tried in the UK a few years back. Top speed about 50mph and 0-60 ... never! Does anyone know what became of it?
  Diesel costs more than petrol in the UK, but not by much. Maybe GBP 1.05 per litre compared to 0.95. But I've met a couple of people now who are dodging the heavy tax on pump diesel by either making their own (there are recipes on the web) or - even simpler - by cutting regular disel with straight cooking oil. Apparently you can mix Tesco's budget cooking oil with regular diesel 50:50 and most engines will run fine on it. The cooking oil is half the price.......
  2000 RS

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