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[ST] Diesel vs Petrol bikes

I'm no chemical boffin, but I understand that Diesel has more inherent
energy than petrol, and can run higher compression rations.

This lends itself to turbo charging, plus it has self lube properties.

It makes sense that the long term future of combustion motors lies in
cracking the diesel motor.

My current cage is a Renault Laguna 1.9 Dci. It puts out 110kw and 270nm
of torque. My previous car was the 3.0V6 petrol Laguna, which punted
150kw and 300nm.

The petrol went better, esp. from the lights, but not drastically so,
and it used twice the fuel that the Dci uses. I get 1100kms from a 70l
tank. My car uses less fuel than my bike on the open road at 140km/h.


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