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Re: [ST] Diesel bike (was Higher RPM for racing?)

Thanks Eoin!

Thats the one I was thinking of and its in Holland. I was close, sorry Emile!

>From what I can gather they have gone very quiet after this protype was 
revealed and to date no one has been allowed to ride it.

If this thing makes it to successful production I will definately be lining 
up for one.
My commute to work is costing me $25 - $30 per week on the ST. This thing 
would cost around $5 - $10. A ride from Sydney to Brisbane (1000kms) on the ST 
uses about three tanks of fuel, about $75. The Star Twin would be around $15 - 

Emile - can we trouble you to translate some more info about this machine for 

My shout next time I'm in Holland!

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