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Re: [ST] Higher RPM for racing?

Wow, definitely not a cruiser.  This is not the bike I was thinking about. 
94 MPG (US) and 452 pounds.  I can live with that!!!!
Would like to see a torque curve on this thing.  Too bad we will 
probably never see it over here in the US.
But with a little higher set of bars and a tankbag, luggage rack, a set 
of throwover bags - Oh yeah..!! 
A tank range of 447 miles!!!

What a sport tourer  .:>)

Dave Bardell
01 ST w/52K
06 V Strom 650

Eoin Kirwan wrote:

>On Wednesday 23 August 2006 11:39, BrettWilson21@xxxxxxx wrote:
>>I believe there is an engineer in Europe, maybe Germany or Norway (?) that
>>is making a diesel powered motorcycle using an existing motor from a 3 door
>>hatch back, in the article I read, I believe he said the gearbox was the
>>biggest single problem to overcome.
>'04 ST955i
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