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Re: [ST] Higher RPM for racing?

On Aug 22, 2006, at 2:54 PM, Joel Ashman wrote:

> It seems to me (a non racer) that given 2 motors with
> the same displacement, one with 12000 RPM and 150 HP (and a peaky 
> curve) and
> a 6000 RPM 150 HP (flat curve) that the lower one would be more usable 
> on
> the track.

The major flaw in your argument is that for the same displacement, a 
motor that can spin at twice the RPM can theoretically make twice the 
horsepower. Real world there is less difference but enough that you'd 
never win with a bike that could only spin 6000. Assuming we're talking 
road racing here and not flat tracking.

Matt Knowles - Ferndale, CA - 
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  '79 KZ400 - just because it was the first vehicle I ever owned

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