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Re: [ST] What's Wrong...thread is drifting

>>> me_shucker@xxxxxxxxx 8/23/2006 8:17 AM >>>
To continue the thread drift and spin it around a little...
  Since HDs like to model themselves upon "classic designs" I had one
of these in a barn next to my house years ago that was totally
http://www.tractorshed.com/cgi-bin/shed.cgi?ih_49c.jpg It was a hoot to
  And I think it had comparable HP to the current fleet of HDs...

Funny, my dad has a Farmall "H" at home that I've been trying to get
him to restore for a few years now.  1948 I think...  I learned how to
use a clutch on that tractor...  Let me tell you, if you pop the clutch
in 1st on that thing, you can lift the front a couple feet off the
ground.  ;-)



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