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[ST] '00 Sprint RS running rough, service issues

Hey Everyone,

My Sprint RS started to run rough, occasional stalling when idling and
seemed to be "lurching" a bit when at slow role on of throttle or at
constant throttle.....like the engine wanted to go, but then would pull
back and go again.

I brought it to Great Bay in Hampton.  I told them what was going on.
All they ended up doing was a CO2 check and downloaded a new tune.

The stalling is gone, but it starts hard when cold and still
"burbles/stumbles" when in traffic accelerating moderately or at
constant throttle, especially noticeable in first or second gear.

I also seem to notice a fuel smell, which makes me wonder if the bike is
running rich.  Almost as if the choke is stuck open on a carbureted

So I'm bringing it back in today.  The bike has new plugs and had a full
service/valves done 5k miles ago. I've also run several bottles of
Techron through and cleaned the throttle body.

My guess is that either ignition timing is off, or some kind of sensor
is out of calibration/going bad, possibly making the bike run rich.  In
cars with mass air flow sensors, I've seen them go bad without throwing
an engine code while giving the car symptoms as if the fuel pump were
going bad.

Any suggestions on what I should make sure Great Bay does?


Don Cummings
Vice President
ZyMac, Inc.
W:  (603) 537-0400 x.103
M:  (603) 759-7361

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