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Re: [ST] Rear Brake

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Agreed here on the street aspect.  Definitely a big plus on hills, or even in general holding the bike on any incline or decline while stopped (so you don't have to hold the front brake while at a stop light for example). 

{Hills what hills???  The only hills in Florida are landfills} 
On the track, it is heavily used by all of us when we make off-track excursions.  Much less likely to dump the bike using the rear brake to slow down. 

{Yeah, but I didn't mean off roading ;-) }
- maybe an advanced technique that is still more of a style thing than a definite time saving technique).

{Propably right.  Style rather than technique}
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Masiak, Richard wrote:

> I was thinking this morning on the ride into work.  What is the rear brake on a motorcycle used for besides keeping down a wheelie?

Moving away on a hill, braking in slippery conditions, and making the 
cage behind you think you're braking as you wind open the throttle and 
disappear over horizon.

Not that we ever play games...


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