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Re: [ST] '06 questions (for Michael)

Hey Michael, we're talking bikes - theres no way thats hassling!

My 05 ST has the holes in the swing arm, so I put the S3 hugger on. It was a 
bit pricey but available and cheaper than all the others.

Last week on a ride up the Putty Rd, there was a 06 ST with a Powerbronze CF 
hugger and it looked good. Nicely made and finished.

I havent sussed out an aftermarket exhaust as I probably wont bother with one 
with the noise laws being what they are in NSW. I did see a 06 ST at the Mt 
White Cafe last week with a twin underseat system. It was chrome and looked 
great. It was custom made for the owner by his mate that has an exhaust business. 
It really unleashed the triple and sounded awesome.

Are you going to the Triumph Rally at Coffs Harbour in October? Theres a 
bunch of us getting organised for it now. We're leaving Friday morning, hopefully 
with a sizable group, making a full days ride out of it and landing there 
about 4pm.

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