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Re: [ST] Track Day Update

Matt - are you married....if so, does she have a sister ?

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Get the laptimer.  They are hugely beneficial.  I don't know about over by
you, but around here the XT Ultra-lap is a widely used one, and is great.
Will record temperature at every session, allows you to program minimum
and maximum lap times in order to prevent missed beacon readings, will
download to your PC so you can save and analyze, and tons more.  I will
tell you this - you will be slower than you think.  And most people when
they say they do "1:35's" or something, usually mean they have hit that,
but it is not their average.  People just want to seem as fast as possible
I guess.  Also, don't get caught up in lap times.  You can sacrafice form,
and end up plateuing when chasing lap times.  I find the lap timer to be
great when I have worked on form, feel like I'm going slower and more in
control, yet am lapping faster.  Then you can step it up, and that's where
you really find the speed.  I also find it beneficial when you either work
on a corner and realize in a  place you thought was inconsequential you
can pick up half a second (like going to a maintenance throttle through a
particular corner), and also when you go back to a track after many track
days.  I will be doing this for the first time in a few weeks.  I have two
more track days at VIR this upcoming weekend, and then in the middle of
next month will be going back to a track that I have run and have data
for.  I will be very interested to see how my form has improved my speed.
I've been hitting all different tracks every other weekend or so, which I
find cool just to see the different tracks, but also to decide which I
like the best and want to go back to more frequently, as well as
preventing myself from becoming good at "a track" and not as good of a
rider.  Hitting all these different tracks really exposes me to lots of
different types of turns, speeds, and types of passing, and broadens my
skill set.  Anyway, I'm starting to ramble.  Get the lap timer - it is
useful,  but don't fall in love with the lap times.  Just my $0.02.  And
as always, be fast - be safe.
Matt Heyer

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I need to fit a lap timer to my Daytona.

I did a track day yesterday, 160kms in total over three sessions -actually
four - one was interrupted by a minor crash.

I had a friend take a few of my lap times, but either he just managed to
miss all my decent laps or I'm not going as well as I thought I was.

He timed me at 1m 42s, which is poor considering the average for the
medium speed guys is 1m35. I chased a mate around who was timed at 1m 32s,
and I hung on to him for a few laps.

The pros (e.g. the national super bike events) go round at 1m 15s - I have
no idea how they can shave so much time on such a tight and bumpy circuit.

I struggle to pass slower riders, so coming up on one will destroy my lap.

I also realise how hard it is to do a solid lap, most laps I'd have a
corner that I would think I did really well, but also always a corner
where it didn't work out.

You need to have instant feedback on a lap to see if something worked or
made it worse.


Cape Town, RSA 
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