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[ST] Rear wheel removal

 Hi All,

I did 160kms around Killarney race track yesterday, and the rear tyre on
my Daytona is now well and truly shagged. Also used 15 litres of fuel to
do 164kms -scary.

I got 6800kms out of the BT010, which is probably fair given my riding

Here's my problem -I have a stand, and can borrow the 46mm socket, plus
a torque wrench from a friend. He needs a new back tyre too, so we'll
help each other get the wheels off.

We've had a good look at the nut holding on my ssw back wheel, and only
about 5mm protrudes.

ON my friends bike -a Sprint RS, which has exactly the same rim and
swing arm, it's the same.

There is a spring "circlip" holding the nut, then the nut, then what
looks like a big plastic or aluminium washer/ dust seal.

The seal prevents getting the socket on far enough to get a good grip.

It looks like the nut is holding the seal in place, i.e. we cant clip it
off: is that right?

We either have to get the washer/ seal off, or get the 46mm socket
machined to fit right up to the edge of the socket.

Any advise?


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