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Re: [ST] Service Managers....

>From: brettwilson21@xxxxxxx
>> From: Bil Swartz
>> Hope everyone's enjoying the good riding weather, we're off to break
>> in some new mc campgear momentarily...
>Sure am! I have a few shake down rides coming up in preparation for some
>big trips in December/January. Brett. Sydney.

Good riding weather? It's been pouring with rain for weeks now :-( !! Quite
a contrast with last month when the constant heatwave created temps 20 C higher
than these days. So no... last month it was way too hot to go riding, this month
it's way too wet... I hope September will be nicer, especially when visiting
the green mountains of northwestern Spain in the end of that month :-).

Almere, Holland (no, not Scandinavia), Europe

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