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[ST] Starter button issue

I remember quite a few people talking about the wire break that prevents
the starter button from working.  Well, its happened to my 03 Sprint
now...  After dealing with it for a few days (will only start when the
bars are turned full right), I took it to the local dealer today, as its
under warrantee until November.  Turns out there's no easy fix, its the
main wiring harness.  They're ordering it and hopefully it will be in
mid-week so I can get it fixed.  I think its interesting that, if the
bike hadn't been under warantee, I would have fixed the issue already
(in part thanks to knowledge from this list).

On a side note, I found that the service manager at my local dealer (MCC
in Villa Park, IL) is different from the last guy I talked to there, and
is now the 3rd one in the last two years.  I guess its a stressful job



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