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[ST] More fuel disconnect antics

The ST looked kind of scary without all the top pieces on. I took off the tank, seat, side panels and tail just to get this effin little piece of plastic thread and plunger out of the tank panel. Once I had the panel on the bench it was much easier. I had to split the thread leftover into four pieces just to dig them out of there. I used one of those dental steel hooks to get the thread lock residue out, which worked well. This is like brain surgery. Typical bean counter mentality here again. Let's save some pennies on these parts here, make them really fragile and it will cost four shop hours to replace a 50c piece of plastic that can't be removed mechanically but surgically. Urrgghh! Anyway, I got everything back together, no leaks, just like new. On a side note: I was going to replace all the hardware with metal parts from Team Triumph, but decided not to, since I had a replacement part in hand. Let's see how long this will last. At least I know what to do next time, if it
happens again. Chalk it up as a learning experience!

Ride safe,

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