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[ST] Heated Grips switch

I have just 'won' a left-hand side panel on eBay to replace the one I
damaged at Deals Gap a couple years ago (this is the last piece I have to
replace to, finally, fix all the damage I did - mainly cosmetic) and while
it still needs spraying, it's in pretty good nick.  One thing I found out
when it arrived though was that it has the hole cut out for the heated
grips switch (I think that's what it's for - its a big square hole).  Does
anyone know if I can order just the switch from Triumph or (and assuming
it will be expensive from Mr Bloor) is there anywhere else I can get such
a switch - or similar ?  
Right now I don't really have any need for the switch but I do need to
fill the hole in and I can definitely see me using such a switch in the
future as I add some more farkles to the bike.
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