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[ST] Talk about an adventure tour!

I am always ready to support friends when they get that "wild hair" idea.  
Whether it's moving to Bango-Tango, I'll help pack and wish you well, 
instead of trying to dissuade you.  Put on a motard race.  I'll show up and 
give a hand wherever I can.  Even if it takes staying way past my bedtime.  
Or forming a team to race the toughest race in the world, Dakar.  My friend, 
Tim Hall, has taken that challenge on with a few fellow enthusiasts, and 
IT'S GOING TO HAPPEN!  What a great thing!  You can read about the team, 
follow along in their exploits, and, you knew this was coming, help sponsor 
the effort all through this handy-dandy website: www.heartland-dakar.com

Tim really is an enthusiast, and is dedicated to making his Dakar dream 
happen.  I've known him long enough to know that this really will be an 
adventure that will be a worthy epic.  So check out the site, and if you 
feel so inclined, please help out.  It feels good to be an enabler :)

Steven "Dirty Dawg" Kohlscheen
2002 Triumph Sprint ST
2001 Yamaha TZ426F with a WR twist

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