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[ST] Anyone doubt their Sargent Seat purchase?

I picked up a Sargent seat off of Triumphrat not long ago and have put less than 200 mi on it. Mostly commuting and some local riding. The seat looks brand new, there are no surface marks on it at all and the only signs of wear are where the front frame tab inserts into the seat. It looks and fits great on the bike. 

But, I am finding that it puts me much more forward and higher on the bike (or further back into the seat "bump"). I feel disconnected from the bike and find myself distracted by it. I feel more like I am sitting "on" the bike as opposed to "in" the bike. My lower back is actually more sore with the Sargent after a 25mi commute as compared to the stocker. 
  Tell me this will break in and I will love it or that I should ebay it. 

Just as a point of referrence, I have had aftermarket seats before, just not on the ST. I liked the aftermarket seats much better than the stockers on other bikes. 

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