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[ST] Four Corners Report, Part 1

Well, I made it back home in one piece from my adventure to the four
corners of the US. While I was on the road, I had email access
periodically and sent reports to a few friends. I'll send them to the
list now, but a couple of them are long, just to let you know. I'll
stop yakking now and let you get to the ride reports.


Originally poster July 10:

It's been an interesting couple of weeks as I try to get everything
ready to head out on my motorcycle ride to the four corners of the US.
I was originally going to leave home for Key West and corner number 1
this past Friday. Unfortunately, the bike was in the shop longer than
anticipated as the mechanic found an electrical problem he needed to
track down. I picked the bike up on Saturday and it's running great
with problem solved. New tires go on on Tuesday and then the bike's

The other delay was with the Southern California Motorcycle
Association, the group that sponsors the Four Corners. They couldn't
find my release waiver and check which I had mailed 4 weeks ago.
Crikey! I finally got in touch with the administrator and managed to
get that cleared up. I should have my starter's packet documentation
by Tuesday. I hope that happens since I obviously can't start without

In case you're not sure what ride this is, it's called the USA 4
Corners Ride and the rules are pretty simple. Ride your motorcycle to
the four corners of the continental US. The corners are: Key West, FL;
Madawaska, ME; Blaine, WA; and San Ysidro, CA. At each corner, take a
picture of your bike in front of the post office, get a gas receipt
from the town, write down your odometer mileage, and write down a
phone number that the SCMA tells you to find (e.g.. the number of the
pay phone at the Texaco on Main Street). You put this all in an
envelope that SCMA provides and mail it in. Oh yeah, once you get to
the first corner, you have 21 days to get to the other three. The
postmarks on the envelopes determine if you made the time deadline or

The current plan calls for me to leave on Friday, July 14 for Key
West. I should start my attempt on Monday 7/17 as I leave Key West and
head for Maine. I figure 3 days from Key West to get back home and
then 2 more to get to Madawaska. We'll see how it goes after that but
I hope to send out updates as I make my way around the country, and
when I can get Internet access.
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