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Re: [ST] Tank quick disconnect failure

"That is exactly my theory! The hose is too long and puts unnecessary
stress on the female part of the connector. I examined the broken part
that's where the part started cracking. I think shortening the line by
inch will solve the problem."

A better approach would be to LENGTHEN the hose enough to put a
"plumber's loop" in it. This 360 degree bend in the hose lets the hose
flex in all directions while putting minimal strain on the fittings on
the ends of the hose. This assumes that there is sufficient clearance
between the fittings when they are in their normal positions, and that
you have someplace to put the loop without it interfering with the rest
of the machinery in the area. Is the hose on the suction side of the
pump (is there even a pump in the system)? The only problem with a loop
is the slightly increased chance of creating a place for vapor lock to
occur. If the hose is pressurized, there isn't a problem. The suction
side of a pump might be prone to vapor lock depending on a bunch of
other conditions, and a gravity feed to carburetors will definitely be
more prone to the problem.  One last bit of advise: Buy GOOD hose. You
get what you pay for. Goodyear, Pirelli, Nissin, and for that matter any
hose with a brand you recognize printed on it is probably better than
some generic parts house hose. 
Good luck.

'06 ST
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