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[ST] Tank quick disconnect failure

I know in the past there were a lot of male disconnect failures to the extent that there was a recall. That particular part was changed about two years ago on my 01 ST (which I bought in late 03 new). Now last night I started to smell a strong gasoline odor from around that area. After removing the side panel under the tank, sure enough there was a moist patch around the left upper disconnect (when looking straight at it from the right side of the tank). Damn! How could that be! That's a replaced item and its failing already? Wiggling it around just made things worse and gasoline just started dripping out in a hurry. I disconnected the line and plugged it with an old pencil. It stopped the pouring but not the weeping. So today I run down to my local dealer and tell'em my story. "Must be a bad O-ring, they say" Of course I never disconnected the line after they installed the upgrade. Anyway with named O-ring in hand and a new male coupling just in case, I run home and installe
 d the 
"new" O-ring. I was not really surprised when the new O-ring didn't stop the leak, for one I didn't see anything wrong with the old one. But what really surprised me is how much I could wiggle the female part that was still attached to the tank plate. And there was the problem - a nice big crack between the threaded part and the main body. So, back I went to the dealer - and of course THAT part was not under warranty. 20.- later I'm holding a genuine brand new piece in my hand that they said will break again in the future. Huh? I guess it is common knowledge but why has this not been taken care of the recall I don't know. Male part - covered, female part is not. What the hell? 
Has anybody else's part failed? Do I have to remove the tank and drain it? My fear is, when I try to unscrew the female part from the tank the main part will break off from the threaded part. 
I'll let you know tomorrow how the operation went.

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