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Re: [ST] 675 Daytona

The real thing about the latest jap liter bikes is that they are not really meant for the road - they are platforms for homologation for a race bike.  When on the track, you are keeping the bike on the boil.  I'm almost always between 8k and 14k rpm - anything lower, and I'm probably in the wrong gear.  Thus, weak down low power delivery doesn't mean squat on these bikes; again, not what they are meant for.  Similarly for the handling.  That nervous feel is generally the bike reacting to every input, assuming that you know what you are doing.  Also, on the track the bike isn't designed as much for the straights as it is for cornering and line inputs.  You want something that reacts quickly to each input.
Now I agree whole-heartedly that this makes a less than ideal bike for the road.  "Nervous" handling, having to keep the engine frantic and noisy (not good for running through towns, past police, etc; and to tell you the truth, not very safe on the road).  For me, twins and triples that are stable (a bit heavy and deliberate) are the best for the road.  But for the track, nothing like those frantic fours...
Saying that the latest jap race bikes aren't great for the road is a lot like saying that an F1 are NASCAR car is not great for the road.  It's really not what is was designed for.  Or even a KX250 ot the like - the road is not what it was designed around.  Although the manufacturers market these race bikes to us like that anyway, because hey, they're making money on it.
Matt Heyer

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I really expected so much more from the Honda.

In my mind I was expecting this amazing super bike, but in the end its
not that much better than my Daytona, except for a big thump right at
the top of the rev range.

I'm sure I'll be quicker on the Daytona than on the Honda, its just
easier to ride the Trumpet quickly. Besides my bike has tons of
character and a brassy blare when you open it up.

It makes me thank my lucky stars I bought the Trumpet and not the Honda.

A good friend, who has ridden them all, including my Trumpet, says the
GSXR 1000 has a great power delivery, but the handling is quite nervous.

I don't have enough "Rossi" in me for a nervous handling bike.


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