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Re: [ST] Squids

He hit a what on the freeway?

>>> cpedersen@xxxxxxxxx 11/08/2006 19:57:28 >>>

> I duck down behind the screen at anything over 80mph, not just
> its more comfortable, but I worry about being smacked on the head by
> bird.
I think that it comes down to different driving style; europe vs. us.

> Guy got killed here a couple of years ago when a bird clipped his
> at speed and broke his neck.
I've had close encounters but, I still prefer to sit up strait until
around 90 mph (overview). And the people I saw did not just duck, 
where lying absolutely flat on the tank. One almost lost it when he
a bum on the freeway, very scary to watch.

> You could start a line of new jokes -why did the chicken/ pheasant
> fly across the road..........
LOL, there have to be a reason why they fly around:-)


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