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[ST] VTR1000 For sale

This is a one off VTR1000 loaded with nearly everything. It is an excellent condition, great handling, and beautiful looking rocket.  I will list as much as I can remember as follows;
  PPG Prisim Black paint, sprayed in May this year ($2,200)
  Two Brothers full system
  Factory Pro Ti jet kit
  BMC Air Filter
  Smog system removed
  Factory 4' ignition advancer
  Factory EVO shift kit, with the shift star
  GMD verified chassis
  Kevlar brake lines
  Dunlop D208's with about 1100 miles on them (no chicken strips)
  Fresh tune-up in May with valve adjustment
  Oil/filter changed 700 miles ago
  Tail light signal integrater
  Wired for heated riding
  Wired for Veypor 2 computer system (too much hassle to take it off, but you don't get the Veypor with out another $250)
  5.1 brake fluid all they way around, done in May
  EBC pads 1 year old
  Vortex gas cap
  and much more I can't remember now. I will also include the OEM exhuast system, with ceramic coated header. This bike has had two low sides from the previous owner, both resulting in just body/cosmetic damage. All has been repaired within a week of me purchasing the bike, most done already. The original owner is a riding buddy of mine, and sold me the bike in 100% stock form. I bought it off him 2 weeks after I crashed my other bike, so I could get back on the road quick. I put about 6500 miles on it since I purchased it last August, and have had a ball. It's a bike that will out handle nearly any 600 in the twisties, yet keep up with the liter bikes in the straights. It's a great bike, but I am getting out of sport riding on the street, and getting a more touring friendly bike. I ride the 300-400 miles most Sundays, and pleanty more around town or other short trips. I need something I can run up 2000+ miles over a long weekend, while carrrying luggage. I have a GSXR 750
 I race on the track, and have no problem with crashing that on a track (just did last Sunday, so the price of this bike has been lowered. But this bike is too nice for me to ride the way it's capable. I have about $4500+ invested, without the price of the bike. I've seen some of these in stock good condition go for $5,500-$6000 with just slip ons. This is the sharpest VTR1000 you'll see. Any questions, feel free to email me. It comes with the rest of the jet kit, as different area's and temperatures will require different jetting. The bike once again is in great shape, with just normal riding blemishes. A couple small chips/scratches in the fairing, which are touched up. The right side case cover has been refinished due to the previous owner's low side. Please check out more photo's at www.turbodgixxer.shutterfly.com .
  I am willing to take any reasonable offer, as my new toy will be here shortly, and I am out of room. The bike is located in NNJ.

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