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[ST] Helmet article link


Try this link. It takes you right to the article I mentioned in my
earlier post. (Thanks for pointing it out Robert; I have the hard copy
here on my desk, so I've never tried to find it online.)
Robert makes a valid point that just because a helmet has a Snell
sticker it is not worse than one with a DOT sticker. The point of the
article, and the gist of the other dribs and drabs of info I've been
able to get my grubby mitts on is that ALL helmets that meet these
testing criteria are a whole lot better than nothing, but that some of
the test standards create a situation where all helmets meeting those
specs are designed to survive conditions that are found only in a
vanishingly small number of crashes.  
All of the standards are designed to protect us dumb (and in my own case
more or less) hairless apes from our selves and the laws of physics. 
Like Robert says, read everything you can find, and then make up your
own mind.  

'06 ST
Seattle, WA

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One of the US magazines
l did a comprehensive article some months back, even lost them
due to the results.

Rather than inject our personal uninformed comments I suggest anyone
for a GOOD helmet read helmet review

There's a LOT more than one spec DOT, SNELL, Euro being the best. Read
then make an informed purchase.

The article provides some very useful data from Europe on the G force
transmission levels. You DEFINITELY can't say that because a helmet
SNELL it is worse as the SNELL spec like others relates to maximum
transmissions and most that meet SNELL also meet DOT or European specs
have lower G levels.

Here in Aus there is an additional requirement, the spike test that
else has. Don't know if it makes a helmet potentially better or worse,
it does add to the cost as another system of tests has to be passed.

We were in the position of being able to import a very good European
but decided against as the up front costs were prohibitive for what
have been a niche market.

Robert R

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