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Re: [ST] Helmet Recommendations for Headset

My buddy has the X11, he has a long oval head, he loves it.. Problem 
is there is no way to comfortabely fit Autocom speakers in.. we tried .

At 05:39 PM 8/7/2006, you wrote:
>Consider finding an Arai dealer where you can try on the correct shell
>shape to see if maybe a size "L" fits you better.  Also being long oval,
>I end up with a big pressure point on my forehead and a helmet that
>moves side to side more than I like.
>My wife has a Quantum/f and loves it.  The Signet gave me a
>claustrophobic feeling, particularly with those eyebrow vents.  My
>problem, not Arai's.  Stuck with Shoei Z-II.  Then I  heard the Shoei
>X-eleven has a pretty good Long Oval shape, although I have yet to stick
>one on my head.
>Jeremy Witt
>Newbury Partners
>(o) 603-893-3022
>(c) 603-475-4228

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