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Re: [ST] Helmet Recommendations for Headset

Compared to what?  If I could find a helmet that was as comfortable, 
price be damned I'd buy it.. I've tried every Shoei, Shuberth, HJC, 
KBC, Scorpion, Vemar, Suomy, etc  And I haven't found any helmet that 
I can wear all day with zero discomfort. For my head Arai is it.. Are 
they expensive, yes, over priced...again compared to what?  I don't 
think saving a few bucks is worth being uncomfortable. Just My Opinion...

At 04:56 PM 8/7/2006, you wrote:
>The man is just trying to be frugal.  No reason to pay more than one has
>to.  IMNSHO, I think Arai's are overpriced anyway.
>On 8/7/06, Erik Miner <eeminer@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >
> > Too bad you are limiting your choices by price. The Arai helmets have
> > the best setup to fit Autocom speakers IMO. In fact the US
> > distributor of Autocom is also an Arai distributor..  A friend of
> > mine had them fit his Autocom into an Arai , that he bought from them
> > at a great savings... FWIW Arai is the only manufacture that has
> > three diferent shell shapes to fit different shaped heads..
> > http://www.araiamericas.com/Sizing.html  IMO there is nothing more
> > comfortable than an Arai.. if there was I'd own it.

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