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[ST] Ignition lock screws/bolts

One of the bolts on my ignition lock rattled loose and following some 
advice from the archives, I got an M5x20mmx1.00 screw to replace it. It 
turns out that on my (2000) US Sprint ST that the screws are M6x20x1.00mm. 
It may be just some models, or it may be that before I owned it the 
ignition lock holes were bored out and retapped to M6.. but neverthless it 
is definitely M6 on my bike. I doubt it though because I still have one 
original bolt (complete with wacky security head et al) which is also 
definitely M6.

Just FYI, YMMV etc. My suggestion - if you lose one when you are at the 
shop, get one of each M5 and M6. :-)

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