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Re: [ST] Is a tourer due?

In a previous email, Matthew Heyer stated:

> Nope - zero restrictions.  I could view hardcore porn if I were so inclined...

Heh-heh. Reminds of what happened this week at work. I was poking around 
my network settings when I discovered that the geniuses that set up our 
network didn't bother to change the default name and password on the 
router in our area. So, I'm thinking "Cool! I bet I can shut off access 
to people." So I enable the logs then check on them. Sure enough, 
someone is looking at porn in their office at that very moment! Oddly 
enough, it's someone whose IP address is outside the range of the DHCP 
users limit. Huh? How did they do that? Anyway, the evil prankster in me 
decides to turn off their access for a little bit. I check the log. Yep, 
they're off. Two minutes latter I turn them back on. A few minutes later 
I check the log and they're looking at Yahoo and AOHell. I never did 
find out who it was though.

Steve Lawler
Verona, NJ, USA

2001 Sprint ST "Blue Devil"

"Some mornings it just doesn't seem worth it to gnaw through the leather 
             -- Emo Phillips
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