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Re: [ST] Prices in different markets - was: Omen

You are quite right. I went the wrong way with the numbers. Using the US dollar as a reference for many things in my line of work, I'm so used to the end figure being higher. I forgot I was going the other way this time.

>>> BrettWilson21@xxxxxxx 8/4/2006 6:20:03 AM >>>
When the 2005 Sprint ST hit the shops the ride away price with factory
luggage was $20,156.00 (AUD) including dealer delivery, government
charges and taxes. The ABS model is a little more. The equivalent in US
is around $26,874.66.

I think they are a but cheaper over there...



Are you sure on that number?  Looking on http://www.xe.com I find that
1 AUS$ = 0.764976 US$ which would put the price at $15,418.86 US... 
Still more expensive, but a little closer.

I'm not complaining, btw!

Remember, in the US, bikes are considered toys by most of the country,
and therefore are not used as a primary means of transportation by most.
 Also, we don't have the rediculous tax rates that Europeans (and
apparently most of the rest of the world) have.  In my area, sales tax
is 6.75%, and there's a set fee for license and registration...

W. Chicago, IL

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