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Re: [ST] Tires for a 2000 RS (test info)

>From: david.funk@xxxxxxxxxxx
>1) How much difference does it make that they tested with an R6?
>That is a very light bike compared to my '00 Sprint ST.

I think it's more useful to compare differences between tires
on the same bike. You'd measure the same kinds of differences,
only more or less pronounced, when you'd compare them on a Sprint.
If one tire is less stable than another on the R6, it should be
similar (in difference) on the Sprint.

>2) Using the GPS to measure corner speeds.
>What kind of GPS was it?
>My experience with GPS has at least  +/- 15 feet, so even a 100 ft
>corner would have significate errors.

Don't know what kind of GPS (since they're using the same satellites,
that shouldn't matter much), but I think it's more the combination
of the datalogging system with GPS sensors (to compare differences
between each other perhaps to compute accelerations in certain axes?)
that does the trick? Just brainstorming...

The graph on the last page shows the differences between the two
extremes; the Azaro (blue line) versus the new Diablo Strada (red).
The bumps in the graph where riders (on the wet French track) are
on the limit in the turns, with the front tire loosing traction and
running out of track. Can't find more details on the measuring of
the data. But those Germans know how to make a proper test, don't
they :-)? Motorrad is a huge magazine, even with a lot of sub magazines
like Motorrad BMW, Motorrad Reisen (travel) and more. They got plenty
of resources, money and influence on manufacturers.


Thanks for the info,
David W. Funk

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From: "Emile Nossin" <Emile@xxxxxxxxxx> 

> Here's the whole test, in Dutch though: 
> http://www.motorbike.demon.nl/griporslip.pdf 
> The tests was done with two R6's (one as a backup in case of crashing), 
> done on the Spanish circuit of Calafat, where they tested over the course 

> For measuring they used a datalog system with GPS sensors. From the parameters 
> turn radius, cornering speed, tire width and center of mass, they were able 
> to compute the lean angle to 1 degree accurately. Tire temp was also measured 
> frequently. 
> Wet road testing: 
> On the special wet test track of Salon de Provence there are two 
> extremely slippery surfaces at passage 5 and 6, simulating the 
> level of grip you will find on worn mountain pass roads in the 
> Alps. The rest of the track is high grip asphalt. Since the cornering 
> speeds (especially measurable on the limits on longer turns) were 
> measured with GPS and not wheel turns, there was no influence of tire 
> slip or smaller wheel diameters. That enabled precise measuring of 
> cornering speed difference. 
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