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[ST] Prices in different markets - was: Omen

On Thursday 03 August 2006 13:37, Matthew Heyer wrote:
> I'm thinking that $5k is a bit high for your bike.  Those book values
> always seem inflated compared to what people are selling at and getting. 
> Heck I picked up a 2000 ST with ~8k miles and tons of extras (luggage,
> exhaust, race-teched front, etc, etc) for less than $5k a year ago. 

Not that I'm jealous or anything (LOL) but the prices of new and secondhand 
bikes in the States are SO cheap it's unbelievable.

I know we generally have higher taxes in Europe but even stripping them out it 
doesn't go near to explaining the difference.

Seems to me that bike manufacturers are so hung up on getting big volumes into 
the all-important US market that they're discounting like hell and boosting 
their margins in other markets where competition is less fierce.

I can't believe Triumph are building bikes in the UK with relatively high 
labour costs etc., shipping them to the US and selling them at the prices 
offered and still making money.


(well, ok, yes I AM jealous, and don't get me started on fuel prices, I paid 
1.21 euro a litre today and that's the cheapest price in the area)


Dublin, Ireland

'04 955i
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